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saving on the wardrobe of your little girl

Having one little girl with three older brothers has been quite a new experience for me. With the boys, I could buy any jeans and some plain old t-shirts and they would head out the door with little problem. With my daughter, things are very different. Instead of the cheapest jeans and t-shirts I can find, I have to get the latest trends in clothing and all of the accessories that go with each outfit. So, how do you find the clothes and accessories that are affordable enough to buy everything your daughter desires? This blog will give you several tips on saving on the wardrobe of your little girl.

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The Things You Should Have For Your New Dog

If you have just brought home a new dog, you want to be sure you have the basic things you need to keep them safe and healthy. You can worry about getting all of the other comforts as you go, but you do want to make sure you have the main things right away. Here are some of the things you want to go out and get right away when you bring your new dog home:

Food and water bowls

You want to have food and water bowls that are the appropriate size for the dog. You should get bowls that have wider bottoms than tops, because these bowls will help to prevent the dog from spilling their food and water all over. You don't want to get a very tiny puppy huge bowls, or they can have a hard time eating from them and they can even drown. You don't want to give small bowls to a big dog, or they may run out of water and not have any for a while if you don't notice it right away. If you bring home an adult dog, you may want to get raised bowls so they don't have to bend down so low to eat, which can be bad for their posture and their intestinal tract.

Dog crate

If you have brought home a young puppy that isn't house broken, or a dog that may have obedience or anxiety issues, then you should purchase a dog crate that you can use to train them. Also, if the dog has anxiety, you can put them in the crate when you leave for short periods of time, and this can help to ease their anxiety and keep them safer since they won't be able to get into things while you are not home.

Dog bed

By giving your dog their own comfortable bed to sleep in, you will find it easier to keep them off of your furniture and your bed. You will also find that they won't get underfoot as much, and they will be more comfortable sleeping when they aren't lying on a hard surface.

A good collar and leash

You want a good collar and leash. The leash should be the right length for you to easily control the dog while you are walking and not give them too much freedom. The collar should fit them comfortably, so you can get three of your fingers between the collar and their skin. A good collar would be a leather one because they will last a long time and they are comfortable. A nice tan fine leather dog collar will look good on all colored dogs and feel comfortable when they are wearing them.