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saving on the wardrobe of your little girl

Having one little girl with three older brothers has been quite a new experience for me. With the boys, I could buy any jeans and some plain old t-shirts and they would head out the door with little problem. With my daughter, things are very different. Instead of the cheapest jeans and t-shirts I can find, I have to get the latest trends in clothing and all of the accessories that go with each outfit. So, how do you find the clothes and accessories that are affordable enough to buy everything your daughter desires? This blog will give you several tips on saving on the wardrobe of your little girl.

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Sew Into Fall: Stitch The Perfect Wardrobe To Celebrate A New Season

The autumn season is right around the corner and with it comes fresh new fabrics in the colors of fall. Whether you are a seasoned seamstress or just beginning to make your own clothing, fall fabrics and patterns are sure to excite you. Knowing what to expect in sewing trends for the fall season will help you plan a wardrobe that is uniquely yours and suited to any occasion.

Working with clothing you have

Using the clothing you have can save you money and time as you transition from the summer season to autumn. For instance, if you have a great summer skirt you love, you can stitch up a lightweight jacket or blazer to wear with it as cooler temperatures arrive. Sew a shrug or poncho to wear over a summer maxi dress to keep away the autumn chill.

Fabulous fall fabrics

Faux leather is often a popular fabric finds in the fall and has a more natural leather look than previous faux fabrics of the past. Useful for sewing leggings, skirts, jeans, crop pants, or dresses, faux fabric will give you plenty of options for your fall wardrobe sewing.

Expect to see lightweight wools in neutral shades for fall sewing. Jacquard prints and fall florals are also appearing in the fall fabric line up. Knits and flannel are staple fabrics you will want to choose for constructing your fall wardrobe.

The colors of fabric

Look for plenty of fabrics in rich shades of chocolate brown and rust to welcome fall. Olive green is a big hit in fabrics and will look great when mixed with any shade of brown when sewing your fall wardrobe. Fun and light colors, such as sky blue and violet, are a few of the unexpected but pleasing colors you will see in the fall fabric line up.

Enhance your skill with a new class

Signing up for a new class will help you master techniques to try in your fall clothing. Whether you want to learn how to line a blazer or how to sew a coat with pleated pockets, fall is the perfect time to enhance your sewing skills to use with new fall patterns.

Who can resist a trip to the fabric store to check out the new fabrics and designs for the upcoming season? You are sure to find plenty of fabrics to get your fall wardrobe off to a great start. Fall is also the perfect time to expand your sewing skill by signing up for an upcoming sewing class to learn a new technique for constructing your own clothing.

Visit a local fabric and seweing store such as Awn's Tailoring & Cleaning to explore your options.