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saving on the wardrobe of your little girl

Having one little girl with three older brothers has been quite a new experience for me. With the boys, I could buy any jeans and some plain old t-shirts and they would head out the door with little problem. With my daughter, things are very different. Instead of the cheapest jeans and t-shirts I can find, I have to get the latest trends in clothing and all of the accessories that go with each outfit. So, how do you find the clothes and accessories that are affordable enough to buy everything your daughter desires? This blog will give you several tips on saving on the wardrobe of your little girl.

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How To Piece Together The Perfect Cyberpunk Cosplay Outfit

The cyberpunk aesthetic is extremely cool and perfect for cosplay enthusiasts. It's also relatively easy to throw together a cyberpunk outfit with no custom costume pieces required. If you want to dress like a futuristic cyberpunk soldier for your next cosplay event, here are some must-have accessories to nail the look.


Start your costume from the ground up with a pair of mean-looking military boots, such as from Bargain Center. Military boots are iconic in the cyberpunk genre because they're tactical for navigating the rough terrain of a dilapidated city while fighting off hordes of robots or clandestine agents. More importantly, they look extremely cool.

The great thing about getting a pair of military spec boots is that they're tough and practical. When you're not dressing up for cosplay, they're the perfect shoes to throw on when it's raining or snowing outside.

Leg wear

You have two choices when it comes to pants. If you want to look more like a cyberpunk military soldier, opt for a pair of camouflage pants to compliment your boots. If you'd rather look more like a stealthy freelance assassin, go with a pair of black leather or vinyl pants. Either option will work with the rest of your cyberpunk accessories.

Trench coat

Long leather trench coats have become iconic in the cyberpunk genre due to characters like Neo from "The Matrix" and Snake Plissken from "Escape from New York." They're great for going into battle because they have plenty of room to hide all of the weapons and gadgets needed in a cyberpunk world. They also give you the cool appearance of a futuristic cowboy. No cyberpunk cosplay outfit would be complete without a loose trench coat hanging down to your knees.

Face Accessories

You have a few options for topping off your cyberpunk costume. The first is to go with the futuristic cowboy look inspired by Snake Plissken. You can wear an eyepatch if you want to cosplay as Plissken himself, or opt for a camouflage bandana tied around your nose and mouth for a more generic look. Another option is to go for "The Matrix" movie's aesthetic with a pair of large dark sunglasses to look stealthy.

A third option is to get high-tech with your eyewear. Throw on a pair of smart glasses like those made by Samsung or Google. If you really want to go all out, throw on virtual reality goggles like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. In either case, you'll look like a futuristic soldier with the latest military technology for scanning targets.