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Having one little girl with three older brothers has been quite a new experience for me. With the boys, I could buy any jeans and some plain old t-shirts and they would head out the door with little problem. With my daughter, things are very different. Instead of the cheapest jeans and t-shirts I can find, I have to get the latest trends in clothing and all of the accessories that go with each outfit. So, how do you find the clothes and accessories that are affordable enough to buy everything your daughter desires? This blog will give you several tips on saving on the wardrobe of your little girl.

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Breaking Your Western Boots In Properly

Having a new pair of western boots can ensure that you are able to accessorize your outfits in the most stylish way possible. While new boots can provide you with the style and swag you desire, they can also wreak havoc on your feet. Breaking in new boots is essential when it comes to your ongoing comfort.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you break your new western boots in properly so that you will enjoy wearing them well into the future.

1. Steam your boots.

Since western boots are typically made of leather, you can harness the power of steam to help you achieve a more comfortable fit. When the leather used to make your boots comes into contact with the steam from a boiling pot of water, it becomes soft and supple.

Holding your boots over a steaming pot of water and then immediately putting them on your feet and wearing them until the leather stiffens once again will help the leather form to the unique shape of your foot. This will create a more comfortable feel as you wear your boots in the future. Just be careful not to let the steam condense on the surface of your boots, since this could result in the appearance of unsightly water marks.

2. Use a stretcher spray.

If you need to really stretch out your new western boots in order to create a more comfortable feel, it can be beneficial to invest in a stretcher spray. These sprays are designed to be used specifically with leather shoes, and they work to help temporarily weaken the fibers in the leather to allow for stretching.

Once you have doused your new boots in a healthy dose of stretcher spray, insert an adjustable stretcher into the foot of your boot. You can extend the stretcher to match the dimensions of your foot in order to widen your new boots.

3. Invest in professional stretching.

If you are worried that you will ruin your new boots by attempting to stretch them out yourself, you can always defer to the expertise of a professional. Forging a relationship with a cobbler in your area can be a great way to help break your new western boots in properly.

A cobbler will have access to tools and materials that can be used to quickly and safely stretch out your new boots so that they can provide a more comfortable fit in the future.

Finding ways to break your new boots in doesn't have to be difficult. Try relying on steam, stretcher spray, or the help of a cobbler to safely get the fit you are looking for from your new boots.